What is Zombie Barricades?

What is Zombie Barricades?

Zombie Barricades is a free-to-play 3rd person role playing game.

The focus is on co-operative play but there is a vast array of weapons to use to battle it out with each other.

We decided on a free-to-play model because we want to focus on developing player enjoyment rather than get sidetracked trying to push something that's unfinished.

There are in-app purchases if you want to support us and we really hope that you do!

What's different about it?

Well for starters we have an insane amount of weapons planned; from melee weapons like bats and chainsaws all the way up to flamethrowers and rocket launchers!

Then there's the ragdoll physics...

If you blow up the characters they'll literally be throw into the air and when they are shot and knocked down it all looks fluid.

We also have all sorts of vehicles planned; including wheeled, tracked and flying.

Is it an MMO?

By keeping the maps smaller than that we can keep the action flowing.

Each server will run about 16 players to start with, but we expect that limit will increase as development continues and we streamline things under the hood.

Some Players don't like to PvP, so you can setup non-PvP servers purely for co-op play.

Is it pay-to-win?

We're deliberately avoiding that style of free-to-play game.

You'll be able to play Zombie Barricades entirely from start to finish without paying a dime, but if you want to customize your character or buy some in-game currency to help put together your dream weapon, we've got you covered.

It's fun to play with others and developing a community is worth way more to us than creating a cash building platform, so if you do throw a few dollars our way - it'll be because you actually wanted to.

We've released the game early because we're open to ideas, is there anything you'd like to see? Discuss here!

What platforms is it available for?

To start with Zombie Barrricades will just be on Windows PC's.

Once we're in the swing of things Linux and Mac clients will appear.

We support keyboard and mouse controls at present, with support for controllers and touchscreens coming soon.

Where can I get it?!

Well we've released the alpha, help us test it!

Are you ready? Download the game here!

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