How do I play Zombie Barricades?

How do I play Zombie Barricades?


We'll be adding a tutorial very soon, but this article will cover off the basics in the meantime.

So Zombie Barricades features a skill based leveling system.

The more you use a weapon type the more you will be rewarded with higher stats such as health, accuracy, range and damage. There are currently 5 core skills: Melee, Pistols, Rifles, Explosives & Heavy Weapons and 3 specialist skills: Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifles.

Most of the guns can be purchased in Fort Hope and many of them have add-ons that can be purchased for in-game currency such as Laser pointers and Silencers.

In-game currency can be found by dispatching enemies and can be purchased by hovering your mouse over the Player tile (top right) and clicking the 'Buy' button.

In-game currency is shared between all characters on the same account



At present Zombie Barricades is played using the mouse and keyboard. Support for touchscreens and joy-pads is coming soon. The controls should be familiar to anyone who has played a modern RPG but a quick glance at the below should bring you up to speed.

Let's start with the mouse controls:

Right Mouse Button - Moves your character to the highlighted point

Left Mouse Button - If used over an enemy and holding a melee weapon, your character will move towards the unit and attack, if holding a gun your character will fire at the enemy. If you click on a friendly, your character will move towards them and open dialogue. If you click on an open space, your character will turn and fire in that direction.

Middle Mouse Button - Click and drag to alter camera rotation

Middle Mouse Scrollwheel - Alters the camera zoom

With your inventory window open (shortcut: I Key) you can drag items onto the quick bar across the bottom of the screen. You can also drag items onto the floor to drop them.

And the keyboard controls:

W S A D Keys - Move the character using the Keyboard

I Key - Open\Close the inventory window

G Key - Hold down and Left Mouse Button click to throw a grenade

Right CTRL - Character will crouch down, crouching improves aim by 25% but you can't move

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 Number Keys - Use item equipped in corresponding quick bar slot.

Left & Right Arrow Keys - Control camera rotation

Up & Down Arrow Keys - Control camera zoom

C Key - Center the camera

] Key - Hides the UI (take some nice screenshots!)

And that's it! Nice and simple to start with, but as we add additional skills, special weapons and vehicles the list will increase so keep checking back!

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